TAMM was founded in 1983 as a Precision Automatic Turnery on behalf of third parties, a connotation that distinguishes the company even today and that made it possible, thanks to an increasing attention to Your needs, to reach high quality standards of product and services; this fact is firstly shown by the numerous active customers, who operate in the most diverse sectors with a high degree of loyalty, driven by the possibility to carry out
      -  KAN-BAN deliveries,
      -  Order Management according to Schedule
and supported by ISO Certifications acquired over time, as proof of the fact that in front of you there is an attentive, competitive and modern Company.

This long path was designed based on the idea of a Technological and Qualitative growth, which has always involved the Company Management, which is omnipresent and always active, especially at the Technical-Commercial level, and the various Function and Department Managers, effectively reducing the margin of error, both in the phase of Estimation and Production Cycle, allowing the company to maintain an excellent quality/price ratio.

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